Night Out With Meaning: Renate, A Jewish Child Who Escaped Nazi Germany - To Be Rescheduled

Updated: Oct 14, 2021


Night Out With Meaning

September 30, 2020 | Renate, A Jewish Child Who Escaped Nazi Germany

Storyteller: Renate “Ronnie” Breslow

Born in Kirchheim, Germany, Mrs. Breslow experienced anti-Semitism under Nazi rule and fled the country as a child. Many of her family members perished in the Holocaust. She will never forget her family. We are privileged to provide this opportunity to listen to her story.

This special Night Out With Meaning will be held on September 30, 2020 and features Mrs. Renate “Ronnie” Breslow, a Holocaust Survivor and passenger on the St. Louis. More information on Mrs. Breslow and the St. Louis can be found at

In Mrs. Breslow’s words…

“Every story is different. Every story is individual.”

“They started slowly… As it became obvious that there weren’t many protests from the German people they could become then stronger and stronger against the Jews.”

“I had everything they had. I had a doll carriage, and a doll and I used to walk with my doll and the doll carriage on my side of the street. My former girlfriends walked on their side of the street. Nobody was rude to me, nobody threw stuff at me… it’s like you’re invisible. You’re not there. You’re doing what they’re doing, but you’re alone. You’re totally alone. I think I felt that more than anything, that I just felt, it’s just me, I’m alone, and I have nobody to play with. Nobody likes me.”

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