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Since 2010, harp-weaver has been privileged to work with clients who are thoughtful, curious,  engaging and committed to their unique missions. Though they range in size and structure, focus and intention, we are humbled by what unites them all - their drive and determination for their charitable giving to have an impact. We consider ourselves fortunate to be the catalyst that drives their collaboration and giving.

Our Values

our values

how we make a difference


We are curious, adventurous, and creative. If there is a better way, we’ll find it. We’re excited by ingenuity and inspired by those who try something new.


We do everything to surpass expectations and do our best to serve our clients.


We are not afraid of a challenge.

We will do what it takes to first understand and then drive the change that is needed.


Our compassion allows us to understand where we are needed and what we can do to help.

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We share our common goals and embrace teamwork with mutual respect. We value each other, thrive on our diversity, and work with our partners to leverage our strengths in making a difference.


our name

Naming your foundation or charity account can be such a personal decision. The name can represent you, your family or what matters most to your organization. harp-weaver was born out of a similar thought process. When Teresa founded the business, she had just given birth to her third child. With the completion of her family and the simultaneous confirmation of her professional aspirations, her values and priorities were affirmed. With its themes of motherhood and creation, and having always loved the poem, “The Ballad of the Harp-Weaver" became the inspiration for her new professional and personal life.

“...I saw my mother sitting

On the one good chair,

A light falling on her

From I couldn’t tell where.


Looking nineteen

And not a day older,

And the harp with a woman’s head

Leaned against her shoulder.


Her thin fingers, moving

In the thin, tall strings,

Were weav-weav-weaving

Wonderful things.”


Edna St. Vincent Millay

Excerpt from “The Ballad of the Harp-Weaver”

our team

While our expertise and backgrounds are varied, we are singularly devoted to bringing your vision to life. We are a group of women compelled to action through our clients’ mission and passion.
Teresa Araco Rodgers
teresa araco rodgers

Teresa Araco Rodgers founded harp-weaver LLC in 2010 to provide a better way to add meaning, to manage gifting and to align investing with personal, family, corporate and financial goals. harp-weaver serves as personal philanthropic staff, working closely with private funders and their advisors to develop tailored giving plans and creatively execute against those plans. Clients are more strategic with charitable dollars and more fulfilled with involvement. Teresa began her career at SEI and in her sixteen years with the company, she played various global business development and client service roles. Teresa holds a BS in Finance from Lehigh University, a master’s degree and a Certificate in Nonprofit Administration from the University of Pennsylvania, and received the Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy designation. Teresa currently serves as the Executive Director of multiple private foundations. She is an avid supporter of women’s philanthropy and hosts a dinner series called Night Out With Meaning. She is a partner in collaborative funds, serves on multiple nonprofit boards, and is a member of Investor Circle. Teresa is an advocate for and an early adopter of mission aligned investing and promoting a practical approach amongst foundations and individual investors.

Rachael Gartner
rachael gartner

Rachael Gartner joined the harp-weaver team in 2023 as Administrative and Grants Manager. Rachael holds a BA in Communications and English Literature from Rosemont College and has fifteen years of administrative experience in legal and higher education settings. Rachael became involved in non-profit work in 2013, organizing an annual 5K fundraiser and handling email communications for Lisa’s Army. 

Jill Greenfield Feldman
jill greenfield feldman

Jill Greenfield Feldman joined the harp-weaver team in 2022 to provide financial management services to several harp-weaver clients. She earned her B.S. in accounting from Temple University and following her time as mutual fund accounting manager, she made the move to public accounting working mainly with nonprofits and local unions. Jill became formally involved in philanthropy in 1999 serving as a trustee at a family foundation.

Latoya Jessamy
latoya j. jessamy

Latoya J. Jessamy has been providing bookkeeping and accounting services for harp-weaver since 2013. She is sole practitioner at Precise Accounting Services, a small accounting firm offering tax and various accounting services to individuals & small to mid-size businesses. A graduate of Temple University’s Fox School of Business with a Bachelor’s (B.B.A) in Accounting and Finance, Latoya received a Master’s in Taxation (MT) from Villanova University’s Charles Widger School of Law, in 2021. She was recently appointed adjunct accounting professor at Delaware County Community College. In addition, Latoya holds professional affiliations with American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA).

Paula Riley

paula m. riley

Paula M. Riley has been providing communication and marketing expertise for harp-weaver clients since 2018. A communications consultant who empowers businesses and individuals to articulate value, Paula supports harp-weaver clients and other small businesses with strategy, messaging, and communications. Paula is an agile, action-orientated, and enthusiastic professional who achieves results. With passion and excitement, Paula teaches, coaches, and empowers others to identify and articulate their value. Her experience includes marketing, human resource management, and sales. She was a founding partner of et alia, llc (an SAP solutions firm) and a solutions consultant serving multiple industries. Paula is currently an adjunct faculty member at Saint Joseph’s University and holds a Master of Organizational Science/Human Resources from Villanova University and a Bachelor of Arts/English from The State University of New York at Albany.

Abby Rolland

abby rolland

Abby Rolland joined harp-weaver in 2021, and serves as the primary communications and analysis contact for the clients of harp-weaver LLC and for harp-weaver as well as the primary administrative and informational contact for one of the Foundation's clients. Abby has grantmaking and communications experience in private and community foundations, higher education, and human services. She’s passionate about catalyzing innovative change and systematizing processes to create stronger systems and better communities. Abby has a master’s degree in philanthropic studies from the IU Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, a certificate in nonprofit management from the O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs, and a certificate in Fund Raising Management from The Fund Raising School.

Our Team

our clients

harp-weaver is very fortunate to work with a diverse set of clients in a multitude of ways. Our personalized approach allows us to provide an array of services to support our clients’ priorities, passions, and needs.
Here are some examples of treasured client relationships.




An individual became focused on philanthropy after the passing of a spouse. This individual wanted to increase both the level of giving and impact. harp-weaver helped create a donor-advised account at a national donor-advised fund. Ongoing, harp-weaver provides philanthropy guidance and grant administration.



A family desired philanthropy to provide both meaningful and educational experiences for their expanding family. harp-weaver helped the family define a mission, vision, and strategy and created both a private foundation and donor-advised fund account. We identify strategic and innovative grant and investment opportunities that are mission-aligned and provide the comprehensive management services that guide the family on generational giving.

independent foundation


harp-weaver serves as the outsourced staff to a Philadelphia-based, independent music foundation. Since its formal establishment in 1939, the foundation has supported music education, music performance, and music presentation organizations nationwide. With over 300 grantees and 5 grantmaking areas, harp-weaver manages the entire grant cycle and supports both the committees and board of the foundation. harp-weaver is responsible for the overall entity management, including financials, tax reporting, budgeting, cash management, communications, and governance. harp-weaver has been particularly instrumental in the foundation’s efforts to center racial equity.



Working with corporate philanthropy clients, harp-weaver helps create and refine corporate philanthropy as part of company culture. For a particular company with multiple branches nationwide and a relatively new CEO, harp-weaver was charged with examining existing corporate philanthropy practices to create a strategic program that was aligned with core competencies and values.

wealth advisor


harp-weaver partners with wealth advisors to provide a deeper level of philanthropic advising beyond charitable giving vehicles, including mission-aligned investing. Since our founder, Teresa, has an investment management background, she understands the relationship and servicing of clients and can provide a level of expertise that is complimentary and value-added to wealth advisors and their prospects and clients. By being introduced in the context of a sales process or servicing, we are able to assist clients in evolving and refining their philanthropic goals.



harp-weaver is committed to growing the field of philanthropy – collaborating with colleagues, researching areas of interest and importance to the space, and sharing our research publicly. Teaming up with nonprofit organizations and research-based entities, harp-weaver provides expertise on topics ranging from grantmaking to types of investments to recipient outcomes.

We would be happy to learn more about
your vision and goals. 

Our clients
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