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We customize services to support each client’s unique needs.
We invest time in understanding our clients’ aspirations to provide solutions based on goals and priorities.


mission alignment 

  • Support clients to achieve the societal impact and personal satisfaction that stems from effective philanthropy.

  • Strive to fully leverage investments and grantmaking to align mission and optimize the impact.

grantmaking & foundation management

  • Navigate legal, compliance, and investment complexities and create operating plans for our clients, including a clear articulation of funding priorities, policies, grantmaking processes, and customized communications.

  • Manage the foundation’s accounting, reporting, and governance requirements, allowing the funder to focus on philanthropic goals.

Philanthropy advice
grantmaking & foundation managemnt
Mission Alignment

philanthropy advice

  • Maximize the impact, influence, and reach of clients’ charitable dollars through high-touch advisory services.

  • Work closely with wealth managers and other advisors.

  • Bring the needed resources, people, and organizations together to build philanthropic strategies that make real social change.

We would be happy to learn more about
your vision and goals. 

a partner to wealth advisors


harp-weaver partners with wealth advisors to provide philanthropy services and as a result these firms have deepened their role as a trusted advisor, expanded capacity to provide valued services, and ultimately strengthened client relationships. Partnering with harp-weaver means:

  • Incorporating philanthropy topics into communications and client|prospect events.


  • Helping clients articulate their unique philanthropic vision.

  • Presenting, explaining and planning for charitable gifting vehicle options.

  • Connecting donors to creative grantmaking approaches.

  • Managing the administration of charitable gifting vehicle.

A Partner To Wealth Advisors
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