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Night Out With Meaning: Women & Giving

A series of evenings for women held three times per year. Each Night Out focuses on a topic and features an inspirational storyteller. Night Out is for women to connect, learn and find meaning in personal giving. Join us and invite a friend so you can continue the conversation with these extraordinary women!

Night Out With Meaning

 connect with others

a storytelling series

Night Out With Meaning is back and in person*! 


Night Out With Meaning aims to inspire, inform, and educate a community of women.

It takes place at the Philadelphia Cricket Club and includes food, wine, and a contribution to an individual or a donation to a cause associated with the story.

If you would like to be added to our invitation list,

please email Teresa at

*We will respect City of Philadelphia and venue mandates with regard to attendance and mask-wearing.

Night Out With Meaning

be inspired

Current event

past storytellers

Thank you to our storytellers in this series.

Peggy Dolan
Susan Badeau
Marjorie Margolies
Phoebe Driscoll
Marci Bossow Schankweiler
Christine Jacobs and Janet Walkow
Linda Noble Topf
Sandra Sobieraj Westfall
Homa Sabt Tavangar
Laura Kind McKenna and Elizabeth Killough
Alice Bast
CheneAmelie Bates
Sister Michelle Loisel, DC
Jaclyn Ricciardi of Minding Your Mind
Maggie Hobson-Baker
Kelly Kroehle and Hazel Edwards of the Bryson Institute of the Attic Youth Center
Rayna Gray and Vashti Bledsoe of Lutheran Settlement House
Adina Laver
Barbara Simmons of the Peace Center
Pat Roberts and Nancy Blair of AIM Academy
Movita Johnson-Harrell
Susan Weldon
Elise Schiller
Aicha Ly
Terri Ann DiJulio

Dana Donofree

Renate "Ronnie" Breslow - story on blog

Ruth Kapp Hartz

Christine Smith

Maureen O'Connell

Past events
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upcoming events

The next Night Out With Meaning will take place in late spring 2024. More details coming soon!

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