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Night Out With Meaning: Improving the Support Networks for LGBTQ Youth

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Storytellers: Kelly Kroehle and Hazel Edwards

A special thank you to Kelly Kroehle and Hazel Edwards from The Bryson Institute of The Attic Youth Center for educating and inspiring attendees at Night Out With Meaning.

Bryson Institute

Wow! Last night was one of those nights when what you hear sticks with you and replays in your mind. Our consciousness and awareness were elevated after Kelly’s articulate “101” addressing the head, heart, and hand of the matter – providing basic information on LGBTQ individuals. Our level of empathy was elevated after listening to Hazel’s personal journey. Our hearts ached when she described her struggles, but our spirits were lifted when she talked about her life today and her passions!

Once a Night Out With Meaning Storyteller…always!

Education is critical, but so is putting a face and story on a topic. It is through these evenings and trainings that the climate and support systems for LGBTQ youth can improve in their everyday environments.

I look forward to sharing the next Night Out With Meaning with you!

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