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Support For Donor Education

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

They are looking to create a new culture of “great giving” by providing knowledge and resources to allow families to create their own roadmaps for their philanthropy.

Over the next three years they aim to develop more than two dozen guides on issues such as giving motivations, approaches, vehicles, family roles, operations and impact assessment. The guides will be available free of charge via the Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors website. They will also embark on a program to ensure advisors to the wealthy have access to these guides to share with clients.

I believe that the role of the philanthropic advisor is critical because the idea of putting some thought and infrastructure to your gifting could be seen as daunting. This is really wonderful for everyone involved in the space. The end goal seems to be along the lines of – share stories and knowledge to create an even bigger source of funding. It helps to change the mindset a bit from set aside an amount for charity upon your death versus live it, experience it and manage it the way you want to.

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