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The What and How of Community Impact

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Check out the latest edition of the Philadelphia Social Innovations Journal which was released today. The edition focuses on Innovations in Community Impact. My Philanthropy Column can be accessed here!

What is interesting about this concept is the approach—the proactive decision to collectively tackle some desired state of change. Community impact is about people and organizations coming together to improve a situation in a measurable way.

There are many ways that innovation can address needs and positively impact a community. Some of the exciting local endeavors included in this edition of the Journal:

Dan Hilferty and Independence Blue Cross’s newly created Social Impact Foundation that serves as a model for Corporate Social Responsibility and Responsible social investing;

Kenny Gamble, a successful real estate developer in South Philadelphia who took the unusual step of getting into the business of education, seeking to address at a holistic level the social ills that plagued local neighborhoods by focusing on schools as a way to redevelop a sense of pride and ownership within communities;

Anne Marie Ambrose and the Department of Human Services’ program, Improving Outcomes for Children, which aims to improve service delivery and outcomes for children in care by engaging community partners, streamlining case management and vigilantly tracking outcomes indicators to measure the initiative’s success;

District Attorney Seth Williams’ commitment to The Choice is Yours (TCY), an alternative-to-incarceration program to increase public safety and reduce recidivism rates by diverting first-time, non-violent felony drug offenders away from prison and into the labor market through positive job training and support;

Ann Karlen and Fair Food’s strategy to strengthen the Philadelphia regional food system by increasing the demand for a humane, sustainable, local agriculture system; and

Dr. Lee Nunery and the School District’s efforts to create alternative education settings that ensure all students can succeed in schools and their partnership with colleges to create direct college access and completion pipelines.

Check out the full edition here! Enjoy!

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