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Hope House and the Ideker Family Foundation

Hope House, Colorado

By Abby Rolland

Previously, harp-weaver spotlighted one of its clients, the Ideker Family Foundation (IFF), and how the Ideker family has used their time, treasure, and talent to give to the causes they care about.

One of the organizations that IFF gives to, and that both Doug and Terrie Ideker referenced, is Hope House. Hope House is metro-Denver’s only resource providing free self-sufficiency programs to parenting teen moms, including Residential, High School & GED, and College & Career Programs.

Additional supportive services include parenting and healthy relationships classes, an Early Learning Program, health and wellness, financial literacy and personal growth classes, and certified counseling, all designed to prepare teen moms for long-term independence.

According to their most recent annual report for 2021, Hope House served a total of 218 moms and 329 children. Forty-five of those moms were new ones. Twenty-two teen moms earned their GED or high school diploma and 58 are currently enrolled in higher education institutions. Ten were given safe housing through Safe House’s Residential program. And all of this was realized as the COVID-19 pandemic continued to dramatically affect nonprofits and how they could deliver services.

You can learn more about Hope House here, but it’s clear that they are able to make a difference with teen moms. Since the organization opened in April 2003, they have served more than 750 teen moms in the Denver-metro area. Their two-generation approach helps support and empower young mothers to not only spark change in their own lives, but to make a difference for their children as well. In other words, Hope House seeks to address issues that stem from teen parenting with a two-generation approach.

The Idekers specifically enjoy seeing the long-term impact of Hope House, which is demonstrated through the number of women who receive support, graduate from programs, classes, and schools, and build healthy, happy lives with their children. The nonprofit directly aligns with IFF’s mission and focus, and as a result, the Idekers continue their support of Hope House every year. Since 2004, IFF has given general operating funds and capital support to Hope House to fulfill its mission.

“The Ideker Family goes back to the beginning of Hope House - their guidance and introductions have grown Hope House into what we are today. The nonprofit introductions (they have made) have led to great partnerships, and of course their generosity has changed the lives of two generations,” explained Director of Development Lisa Schlarbaum.

As demonstrated, foundations can provide resources that help nonprofits have a big impact on people and communities. Through its support with Hope House, the Ideker Family Foundation advances its mission and sees clear results of an organization having an impact in its community.


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