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New Client Announcement

harp-weaver LLC is pleased to announce that it will provide philanthropy advice, foundation management services, and strategic direction to the Greenfield Foundation.

The Greenfield Foundation is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and funds charitable initiatives devoted to improving quality of life. The Foundation originates and participates in innovative projects which have a ripple effect beyond the immediate impact.


The Goldsmith-Greenfield Foundation was founded in 1991 by Robert K. Greenfield and Louise Greenfield. The Alexis Rosenberg Foundation was founded in 1983. The two foundations merged to become the Greenfield Foundation in 2005.


harp-weaver staff will work closely with the Foundation’s board to refine its grantmaking strategy and grantmaking practices to maximize impact and engage members within the multi-generational family foundation. Staff looks forward to engaging the Philadelphia nonprofit community through the Board’s local grants and maximizing impact of the Foundation’s longstanding partnerships with the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School, the Hermitage Artist Retreat, the Upper Dublin Education Foundation, and Katz School of Medicine at Temple University Hospital.


harp-weaver’s longstanding relationships with other family foundation clients have contributed to a personalized approach with each client to help them achieve their goals. In each client relationship, harp-weaver looks for values alignment. In the case of the Greenfield Foundation, harp-weaver’s values of drive and integrity align. Like harp-weaver, the Foundation does not shy away from challenges and tackling difficult issues.


Driven to foster change, the Foundation and harp-weaver try their hardest to serve their communities in the best ways possible. Both share the belief in operating with the highest level of integrity, thus surpassing expectations and being a true partner in community-driven change.


“We are pleased to engage harp-weaver LLC to manage the Greenfield Foundation. The Foundation has a storied history of supporting organizations dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals in Philadelphia and across the country. With our innovative initiatives and strong history of family involvement, we look forward to working with harp-weaver LLC to further strengthen our impact,” shared Mike Greenfield, the Greenfield Foundation Board President.


Founded in 2010 and based in Philadelphia, harp-weaver LLC offers a broad array of philanthropic services including establishing a foundation or donor-advised fund, defining mission, managing operations, involving the next generation & maximizing intended impact through grants & investment. The firm customizes services to support each client’s unique needs and invests time in understanding clients’ aspirations to provide solutions based on goals and priorities.



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