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Night Out With Meaning: Building a Life Post-Cancer

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Storyteller: Maggie Hobson-Baker

Thank you to Maggie Hobson-Baker for sharing her very personal story and breast cancer fight at Night Out With Meaning. Through a timeline, snapshots of her running log and artwork, Maggie was able to tell her story so eloquently and universally.  She educated and inspired.  Here are some of her reflections.

“So many times a friend would be on the other end of the phone and I would feel loved.”

After Maggie’s first run post diagnosis she wrote, “Realizing I need to keep about the business of my life.”

“Be strong for my boys.”

“There were so many profound moments on the journey – someone said to me, ‘as you walk along this path there will be angels on the journey.'”

“There were days when I was very afraid, but I tried to let everyone’s love carry me through.”

“During everything, I felt like my tears were accessible.”

“Hope shines brightest in the darkest moments.”

“Grief opens your heart.”

“Life keeps on going it doesn’t stop.”

When I listened to Maggie, I realized that her story is not about her illness, it is about the journey.  I also realized that what is universal when fighting a serious illness is that the person fighting and all those who love and support you are forever transformed.

My hope for all who attended was to have you walk away even more transformed and even more sensitized so that we are better supporters of those we love and better fighters should we be faced with similar challenges.

Night Out With Meaning is sponsored and hosted by harp-weaver LLC, the firm I founded to help individuals and families with their personal giving.

I look forward to sharing the next Night Out with you in February!

How to share future Night Out With Meanings

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