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Night Out With Meaning: Courage to be Curious

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Storyteller: Adina Laver

What do you do when your life has most of the trappings of the fairy tale storybook… but you just aren’t feeling the magic!

What do you do when everything is unfolding just as anyone could have wanted, but you are stuck feeling like something just isn’t right?

What do you do when you simply can’t shake the feeling: ‘There has to be something more than this!?’

At the age of 43, 16 years into her marriage, mother to two beautiful daughters, living in a nice home, and blessed with a dynamic and often adventurous career history, Adina Laver dove head first into the murky, yet enlivening waters of these three uncomfortable questions. The spiritual journey of self discovery that continues to unfold every day has awakened her to who she really is and opened the gateway of living life by choice, not by chance.

Thank you for joining us at Night Out of Meaning on Wednesday, April 5th featuring Adina Laver. Having lived in four different countries, cycled through more than 10 jobs, started two companies, and possessing a shoe box of more than 25 different business cards with her name on them, Adina was convinced that she was hopelessly erratic, chronically fickle, and destined for a life of unfulfilled dreams. In her story she shares how her discovery of Courageous Curiosity has been the key to creating a life of truth and choice. Adina Laver, change agent, transformation coach, entrepreneur, podcaster, devoted partner, and mom adopted a stance of courageous curiosity about her life six years ago. After unearthing many misplaced pieces and turning much of what she knew on its head, she began the process of reconstructing a life based on ‘choosing’ rather than ‘shoulding.’ As Founder and Chief Curiosity Officer of Courage to be Curious, Adina now guides others who wish to let go of what isn’t working in their lives and guides them on a path of Wondering Their Way to Brilliant!

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