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Night Out With Meaning: Living Life In Stages

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Storytellers: Christine Jacobs and Janet Walkow

Christine Jacobs and Janet Walkow met while working at Rhone-Poulenc Rorer pharmaceuticals in Pennsylvania in the 1990?s. Between them they have six children including four daughters. They spent six years as Girl Scout leaders, starting with a troop of 3rd graders, including their daughters. They introduced their scouts to leadership and organizational practices as they worked on badges and projects, camped and participated in other traditional scouting activities. As their careers progressed, they talked about the lack of successful women role models and the resulting impact on young women. This led them to explore ways to help other women be successful, not only in their careers, but in all aspects and phases of their lives.

40 women joined for Night Out With Meaning on May 16, 2012 featuring Christine Jacobs and Janet Walkow. Christine and Janet talked about their life experiences and figuring out how to pursue passions and interests at every stage! You can achieve balance – just not in a singly day, month, year or (in some cases) decade!

Christine and Janet have spent many hours discussing the roles women play in the world at large and how to help young women ready themselves for challenges and opportunities. They started The Leading Women Project to help women of all ages to find and define themselves and their inner leader. Combining what they have learned from successful careers and raising children, they are both fascinated how leadership of self and others are intertwined.

Christine and Janet feel that there are many ways women can prepare themselves to be able to lead – both themselves and others. By sharing stories and creating a guide to help define their values and goals, they help women of all ages achieve true self-awareness and confidence as they write their unique script for the lives they want to lead – so they can be their own leading woman.

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