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Night Out With Meaning: Loving One Another and Overcoming Biases in an Age of Xenophobia

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Storyteller: Aïcha Lee

Thank you for attending Night Out With Meaning! Aïcha shared the story of Anna and Sylvia which shaped the woman who stood before us. Aïcha is truly the product of love. Her words of advice: See yourself in others. Everyone has a story. Take the time to listen! Practice intentional tolerance. Become more educated and help marginalized groups succeed! Love out loud! Express love in the face of hate. Stand up for one another! Learn more about the work of the Welcoming Center for New Pennsylvanians. Attendee, Melissa Urdang Bodie, shared information on Sanctuary Suppers, which partners with an immigrant-owned restaurant and a non-profit that supports the immigrant community to present a Sanctuary Supper every six weeks.

A Letter From Aïcha Dear ladies, It was such an incredible experience meeting you all and learning more about this kind, loving, and supportive group of women. It was truly a gift for me to share a part of me with you and I appreciate the openness and honesty with which we approached the topic of immigration and overcoming bias. I hope that Anna and Sylvia’s story of tolerance, acceptance, and love – and the impact it has had on subsequent generations – serves as inspiration for us all to Love out Loud, Practice Intentional Tolerance, and See Ourselves in Others. Let’s stay connected (contact info below). Thank you all so much. I love you all and look forward to seeing you again soon. Warmest Regards, Aïcha TEDxTalk | LinkedIn | Instagram

Night Out With Meaning is hosted by harp-weaver LLC. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! I will be thinking of Aïcha with her family gathering around Sylvia’s table!

Aïcha’s Bio

Aïcha is incredibly passionate about drawing from her history as a Senegalese immigrant growing up in the U.S., sharing insights related to her own experiences navigating the complexities of race and cultural identity and challenging us all to work toward overcoming our biases. Aïcha uses her unique voice to educate, empower, and inspire.

Drawing from her own and her mother’s experiences immigrating to the United States, Aïcha shared a deeply personal and foundational story of how two women: one an African immigrant, black, and Muslim, and the other American, White, and Catholic found and embraced one another in an age of fear of “the other” – forever changing the trajectory of their lives and that of the subsequent generations. This is an uplifting story about the power that education, tolerance, and women empowering one another can have in our lives, especially within the context of a resurgence of xenophobia in the U.S.

Aïcha is a strategic insights leader who specializes in helping Fortune 500 companies across industries identify growth opportunities that promote positive consumer experiences. She holds an M.B.A from Drexel University, and in her most recent role as Senior Manager of Marketing Strategy and Planning at Comcast, led efforts to drive growth for the 250+ location Comcast retail business. As a distinguished speaker, Aïcha presents at national conferences across the U.S. on both business and social topics.

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