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Night Out With Meaning: The Untold Stories of Victims of Human Trafficking

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Storyteller: Sister Michelle Loisel, DC

We were so pleased to welcome Sister Michelle Loisel, DC, Executive Director of Dawn’s Place, as our Night Out With Meaning Storyteller. Attendees had the chance to learn how Sister Michelle, a Catholic nun and nurse, became an advocate and counselor for victims of sex trafficking.

Sister Michelle Loisel is a nurse with a degree in ethics and leadership development. Her background includes hospital administration and outpatient services in war torn countries including India, Lebanon, and throughout Africa. Because of her various roles in diverse countries, Sister Michelle is comfortable in multicultural settings.

She is a member of the Daughters of Charity, an international community of Catholic Sisters who work in 90 countries around the globe in a wide variety of ways, among them healthcare, education, the development of women, and human rights.

For many years Sister Michelle has been an advocate and activist on issues affecting the well-being of women.

Her formation includes a degree in theology and served as a clinical pastoral educator and spiritual counselor sponsored by the Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services providing crisis management.

Sister Michelle has been the Executive Director of Dawn’s Place for the past five years. For more information on Dawn’s Place, please visit the website.

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