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Valentine’s Day…Love Shared

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Today is Valentine’s Day. It is a day meant to celebrate love shared. On this Valentine’s Day I write about loved shared between two sisters – Abigail and Aimee Sandler.

The Philadelphia Inquirer ran a story today on the front page of the Health section. Written by Stacey Burling, the story is about Aimee’s Bulletin, which is inspired by the life of Aimee Sandler. This law took effect because of the love and dedication of her sister, Abigail.

Aimee was mentally disabled living in group-home. She got very sick in 2006 and that set off a conflict between Aimee’s family and the home’s administrators. It was then that Abigail raised the question as to who has legal say if families disagree with care providers.

Aimee’s Bulletin clarifies how Pennsylvania laws affect decision-making for group-home residents near death who can’t make choices. Abigail fought tirelessly for this and since Aimee’s Bulletin has been signed she is dedicated to spreading the word to families that the Bulletin exists and that they have the ability to make decisions for their loved ones.

The Philadelphia Inquirer story can be read here.

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