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Widger Family Foundation Announcement

Updated: May 10

By Abby Rolland

harp-weaver LLC is pleased to share that it will serve as the manager of the Widger Family Foundation.


The Widger Family Foundation, based in Greater Philadelphia, was established in 2019 by Charles and Barbara Widger. The Foundation is committed to creating value for people through philanthropy that reflects essential aspirations and experiences. The Foundation supports programs and organizations that embrace innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership.


harp-weaver is fortunate to work with a diverse set of clients in a multitude of ways. Our personalized approach allows us to provide an array of services to support our clients’ priorities. For the Widger Family Foundation, this includes providing tailored philanthropy advice, day-to-day administration of the Foundation, board management, financial management, and grants management. harp-weaver staff will also work closely with the Foundation’s Board and strategic advisors to develop a grantmaking strategy and to define measures of impact.


With each client, harp-weaver not only seeks to provide tailored services, but also looks for alignment in its values with the client’s.


The values of innovation and unity that drive harp-weaver to be creative in its approaches and seeking to build common ground with a wide variety of stakeholders are the same ones that drove the creation of the Widger Family Foundation. harp-weaver found a mutual desire to try new things, to be creative, to tackle challenges and difficult issues, to be a leader in the field, and to work collaboratively with people and organizations who have differing viewpoints in order to catalyze change.


“As we support organizations who center the values of innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership, we are eager to collaborate with harp-weaver LLC to meet our goals to fund impactful organizations,” shared Ashley Widger, Widger Family Foundation Board Secretary and Treasurer.


Founded in 2010 and based in Philadelphia, harp-weaver LLC, a Benefit LLC, offers a broad array of philanthropic services including establishing a foundation or donor-advised fund, defining mission, managing operations, involving the next generation & maximizing intended impact through grants & investment. The woman-owned firm customizes services to support each client’s unique needs and invests time in understanding clients’ aspirations to provide solutions based on goals and priorities.


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