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Family Clients and their Philanthropic Impact

harp-weaver is proud to work with multiple family clients who give of their time, talent, and treasure to organizations and causes that they care about. Each client, and each family member, is incredibly generous, curious, respectful, and committed to making a difference. In total, family clients have given more than $9 million since 2004. *

In 2021 alone, family clients gave $1,260,400. Organizations who have received grants are based in multiple states, from metro and suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to rural Alaska to ones who operate nationally. In addition to diversity in geography, the organizations that clients work with also contribute via a wide variety of causes. From delivering school supplies to children, to creating and sharing music, to supplying stable and affordable housing, to providing harm reduction services, these organizations strive to make people’s lives better through multiple measures. harp-weaver is proud to work with these dedicated organizations through our clients’ generosity.

Clients give back by making direct donations, and some also invest with socially minded and motivated entrepreneurs. Clients have invested in organizations such as Wash Cycle Laundry, which provides laundry services through use of environmentally friendly transportation services, and employs individuals facing barriers to employment, and First Step Staffing, whose model focuses on rapid reemployment and utilizes support services including job coaching and a transportation program to help associates obtain and retain employment.

Over time, we plan on highlighting the wonderful organizations that harp-weaver clients work with to illustrate how philanthropists are making the world a better place.

harp-weaver offers multiple, flexible services for private and family foundations and corporate giving programs. Whether you’re looking to establish a foundation or donor-advised fund, or need assistance to define your mission, manage operations, involve the next generation, and/ or maximize intended impact through grants & investment, harp-weaver can assist.

*The numbers and organizations in this post do not include harp-weaver’s client, The Presser Foundation. For information about The Presser Foundation’s giving, check out

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