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harp-weaver’s services and how they benefit funders

By Abby Rolland

In a previous blog post, we discussed how harp-weaver LLC was founded as a response and a solution to staffing questions and challenges that funders face. harp-weaver also provides other services that complement its outsourced staffing solution. In this post, we explain our services in greater detail, and share how each one can benefit all types of funders in a variety of ways.

1) Philanthropy Advice

Providing philanthropy advice can take a number of different forms. Alongside other advisors, harp-weaver works with clients at the beginning of their philanthropic journey as they define their mission, goals, and philanthropic passions. By providing expert advice about philanthropy, harp-weaver guides clients to articulate the impact they seek to have.

harp-weaver also conducts research and recommends organizations and/or projects that fit a funder’s mission. With the strength of our network and knowledge of the area, we bring nonprofits and funders together to build strategies that make real social change. We partner with wealth advisors and/or financial planners to provide advisory philanthropic services.

Advice is tailored and specific to a client’s philanthropic goals and the impact they wish to make. harp-weaver works diligently to ensure that clients have the full range of information they need to make informed, thoughtful decisions.

Whether it’s recommending new organizations that clients can work with, developing strategies for giving, or working with wealth advisors and their clients, harp-weaver’s ability to provide philanthropic advice about a number of topics and issue areas grows and extends each client’s giving and impact.

2) Mission Alignment

Another service that harp-weaver provides to clients is guidance on mission-aligned investing that complements traditional investment management relationships. With her investment management background, principal Teresa Araco Rodgers understands companies, investments, and portfolio management. She works with clients to leverage their investments and grantmaking to align mission and optimize impact.

Whether that’s through using screening tools, recommending mission-related investments in local or national organizations that provide impact, or utilizing program-related investments such as loans, deposits, and other forms of debt, Teresa is able to analyze, recommend, and organize tools that align mission and investing.

In this way, harp-weaver supports clients to achieve the societal impact and personal satisfaction that stems from effective philanthropy.

3) Grantmaking and Foundation Management

As mentioned above, a previous blog post focused on harp-weaver’s ability to provide outsourced staffing (or interim staff support, if needed). As staff in a foundation, harp-weaver manages the funder’s accounting, grantmaking, reporting, and governance requirements, which allows clients to focus on philanthropic goals. We navigate legal, compliance, and investment complexities and create operating plans, including a clear articulation of funding priorities, policies, grantmaking processes, and customized communications.

4) Project-based Support

The final type of service that harp-weaver provides is case-by-case project support.

Whether that involves conducting deep research and preparing a report on a specific issue area, guiding an assessment on an existing foundation and its practices, or helping set-up a new foundation as it transitions from a public charity, harp-weaver has the industry expertise, connections, and experience to thoughtfully provide guidance and assistance on a wide variety of philanthropic and charitable efforts.

harp-weaver has industry expertise, knowledge of trends, and experience working with funders, including families, individuals, and boards of independent foundations. To learn more about our services and how we can help with your charitable aspirations, check out our website or contact Abby at


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